The Curia Cornelia was the meeting place of the Roman senate in the period c. 80-50 BCE. It was a part of the Comitium in the Forum Romanum, located near the Curia Julia under the present day SS. Luca and Martina.

L. Cornelius Sulla doubled the size of the senate during his reign in the early first century BCE, and since the Curia Hostilia was too small to accommodate the 600 senators, it was torn down and replaced with the Curia Cornelia, built c. 80 BCE.

The Curia Cornelia burned down under the riots during the funeral of P. Clodius Pulcher in 52 BCE, but was soon after reconstructed by Faustus Sulla, a descendant of L. Cornelius Sulla.

When Julius Caesar decided to reorder the entire Forum Romanum, the Curia Cornelia was replaced by the Curia Julia, built nearby. The Curia Cornelia was converted into a Temple of Felicitas.

It is not known when the building was demolished. Nothing remains of the Curia Cornelia to see today.

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