Ravenna, August 2017

Photos from a rather exhausting visit to Ravenna in August, 2017.

We bought a single ticket for all the main monuments, but only had two days, so we had to take a break after our break.

Old site in new clothes

I made this old site when the web was still young, in the years up to 2004, at which point I abandoned it. It wasn’t my intent, but life doesn’t always play the game you want to it. Stuff happens.

However, while it might have worked and been usable fifteen years ago, it didn’t really cut it any more, especially as everybody now browses the net on mobile, and the old site was anything but responsive.

I have therefore used some of my time locked down during the corona virus outbreak in Italy in 2020 to migrate the entire site from the very old and rusty custom system I’d made ages ago, to WordPress.

Hopefully, for whatever residual usefulness the site can still have, it will be more accessible.

The WordPress theme is Hoffman by Anders Norén, with modifications and custom templates. Any merit for the presentation belongs to Anders, and any blame to me.

Rome, November 2017

I went to Rome in November, 2017, to renew my passport at the Danish embassy, and got a few photos.

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