Map of Italy
Map of Italy
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Few countries can claim a richer cultural heritage than Italy. Such a concentration of cultural values is a result of three millennia of being at the centre of events, including over 1000 years as the centre of the Roman Empire and 1500 years as the seat of the Catholic Church.

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The best covered sites in Italy

Hadrian's Villa - 2002-09-08-154704

Hadrian’s Villa

Emperor Hadrian had this enourmous imperial palace constructed at Tibur outside Rome, and used it as his residence of choice when he was in Rome. It consisted of more than 30 buildings, covering over 120 hectares. The villa is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are photographs of most of the villa. (Dec. 2002)

In Tivoli, Lazio, Italy.

Forum Romanum - 2002-09-04-171910

Forum Romanum

The Forum Romanum was the political and religious centre of the Roman Republic. Each temple, building and monument is described and if possible photographed. Everything has been updated and new photographs added. (Nov./Dec. 2002).

In Rome, Italy

Rome - 2002-09-04-162531

Arch of Constantine

The Arch of Constantine was the last great triumphal arch to be built in Rome. It contains many pieces taken from earlier buildings, and is a kind of monumental catalogue of two centuries of classical art, from Trajan to Constantine I. (Nov. 2002).

In Rome, Italy

Villa Romana del Casale - 2001-09-13-153608

Villa Romana del Casale

A luxurius villa from the time of the late Roman empire, renowned for its magnificent polychrome mosaics, over 3000 m2. The villa is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are more than 200 photographs from this location covering the majority of the rooms and the mosaics. The pages here are probably the most extensive resource on this villa on the web today. (May/June 2002).

In Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy

Paestum - 1999-08-05-120941


The ancient Greek city of Poseidonia, later the Roman Paestum, in S. Italy boasts some of the best preserved Greek temples in the world: three marvellous archaic Doric temples from the 6th and 5th century~BCE. (Sep./Dec. 2002).

In Campania, Italy

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