Ponte Sant’Angelo is the bridge that leads from the ancient Campus Martius to the mausoleum of emperor Hadrian, the current Castel Sant’Angelo, over the Tiber River.

The first bridge in this location was the Pons Aelius, build by emperor Hadrian in 133-134 CE to connect his mausoleum to the Campus Martius. This bridge lasted until 1450 CE.

In the Jubilee year of 1450, just before christmas, as a huge number of pilgrims were crossing the bridge for the vatican, the ancient bridge collapsed under the weight. More than 200 pilgrims perished in the river. Of the bridge the three central arches survived. Pope Nicholas V ordered the repair of the bridge which was first done hastily.

Later Gian Lorenzo Bernini was given the task of restoring the bridge. Bernini made the designs for the statues that currently adorn the bridge and their organisation on the bridge. The actual work with the statues was performed by his pupils.

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