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Gaius Caesar
Gaius Caesar

Gaius Iulius Caesar (20 BCE - 4 CE) was son of Agrippa and Julia, and hence grandson of Augustus, who adopted Gaius and his brother Lucius Caesar in 17 BCE. At the age of 15, when he reached adulthood, he was admitted to the senate, assigned the consulship for 1 CE and given the title of princeps juventutis.

After being consul in 1 CE he went to Parthia with pro-consular powers. Here he met the Parthian king, appointed a client king in Armenia and and suppressed a revolt there. He was seriously wounded in a siege and died eighteen months later on his way back to Rome.

With both Gaius and Lucius dead (Lucius died in 2 CE) Augustus was without an heir, and he was forced to adopt Livia's son Tiberius.

Several monuments and buildings were dedicated to Gaius and Lucius after their death.

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