Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus (37-68 CE) followed Claudius as Roman Emperor under the name Nero Claudius Caesar. Nero was a son of Agrippina the Younger, Claudius’ third wife, from an earlier marriage and was adopted by Claudius by arrangement of Agrippina.

Nero was a mere adolescent when he became emperor, and he is generally seen as one of the worst emperors. He considered himself a great poet and actor

During his reign Rome burnt down (64 CE), and Nero grabbed the opportunity to construct himself a grand new palace, the Domus Aurea, that covered several of the seven hills of Rome.

Nero had many enemies, and in 68 there were several revolts against him. He was then formally deposed by the Senate and committed suicide, thus ending the Julio-Claudian dynasty. He was followed by the leader of one of the revolts, Galba, but the time following Nero was very tumultuous and saw a fast succession of emperors, until Vespasian became emperor in 69.


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