Venus was the Roman god of love, beauty and courtesans. She was identified with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Originally Venus was connected to the fertility of fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Venus was worshipped in a great many forms:

Venus Genetrix
Venus The Universal Mother was the divine ancestress of the Roman people, and in particular the Gens Julia which claimed direct descendant from Venus Genetrix and Aeneas. Julius Caesar built a Temple of Venus Genetrix in his new forum.
Venus Felix
Favourable Venus was worshipped in the Temple of Roma and Amor in Rome, which was dedicated to Venus Felix and Roma Aeterna.
Venus Obsequens
Gracious Venus had a temple near the Circus Maximus at the foot of the Aventine Hill.
Venus Victrix
Victorious Venus had a temple as a part of Pompey’s Theatre.
Venus Cloacina
Venus was identified with the patron goddess of the Cloaca Maxima, that drained the Forum Romanum. There was a small sanctuary to Venus Cloacina in front of the Basilica Aemilia in the forum.
Venus Erycina
Venus of Eryx (modern Erice) om Sicily.

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