The flamines (sing: flamen) were the members of the pontifical college. They were also known as the pontiffs. The leader of the college was the pontifex maximus.

Each of the 15 priests in the college was in charge of the cult of one god. There were three major priests, the flamines maiores, who had to be patrician:

The minor priests, the flamines minores, were twelve and they could be plebeians:

  • Flamen Carmentalis (Carmentis)
  • Flamen Cerialis (Ceres)
  • Flamen Falacer (Falacer)
  • Flamen Floralis (Flora)
  • Flamen Furrinalis (Furrina)
  • Flamen Palatualis (Palatua)
  • Flamen Pomonalis (Pomona)
  • Flamen Portunalis (Portunus)
  • Flamen Volcanalis (Vulcan)
  • Flamen Volturnalis (Volturnus)

Two flamines served gods that are unknown to us. Some of the gods served are very obscure, so the priesthoods are probably very ancient.

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