Titus Flavius Domitianus (51-96 CE), better known as Domitian, was the third emperor of the Flavian dynasty. He followed his brother Titus on the throne in 81.

Domitian has a decisive role in the ascession to power of his father, Vespasian, but during his reign and under his brother Titus he was given no real part of power. When Titus died, Domitian was quick to assure the support of the Praetorian Guard, but he was only reluctantly accepted as emperor by the Senate. His relationship with the Roman aristocracy would remain cold.

Domitian was an able administrator and commander of the army and restored the finances of the empire, but he is mostly remembered for having prosecuted the christians. Whether this is true or not is not clear, but he did impose taxes and harsh laws on jews, which might explain the stories.

Domitian was assasinated in a palace coup and succeeded the same day by Nerva, a senator and friend of Domitian.




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