Engravings by Piranesi - piranesi095
Engravings by Piranesi - piranesi095


Engravings by Piranesi

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  1. Ron says:

    “I believe it is because it looks so spick and span that the ladies in
    our group hâve been attracted since the first day by the pretty ruin
    called the Forum Palladium. This forum, begun by Domitian, completed
    and dedicated by Nerva, is today covered over by twelve to fifteen feet
    of earth. Above the ground can be seen the upper part of the wall of
    the eastern angle of this forum, the extremities of two fluted Corinthian
    columns, the entablature, the frieze, and above, the figure of Pallas
    standing. Ail this is as attractive as may be.
    Those three magnificent columns of white marble that you perceive
    to the left, going toward Mount Quirinal, belonged to the Forum
    Transitorium, or to a temple of Pallas, or to a temple of Nerva…” (Stendhal)

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