Engravings by Piranesi - piranesi067
Engravings by Piranesi - piranesi067


Engravings by Piranesi

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  1. Ron says:

    “Yesterday I visited the nymph Ægeria, and then the Hippodrome of Caracalla, the ruined tombs along the Via Appia, and the tomb of Metella, which is the first to give one a true idea of what solid masonry really is. These men worked for eternity. All causes of decay were calculated, except the rage of the spoiler, which nothing can resist. Right heartily did I wish you had been there. The remains of the principal aqueduct are highly venerable. How beautiful and grand a design,—to supply a whole people with water by so vast a structure! In the evening we came upon the Coliseum, when it was already twilight. When one looks at it, all else seems little. The edifice is so vast, that one cannot hold the image of it in one’s soul: in memory we think it smaller, and then return to it again to find it every time greater than before…” (Goethe 1786)

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