Ops was an ancient god of the Sabines, from where she passed to the Romans. She was associated with Saturn, and often identified with the Greek goddess Rhea. The goddess Juno was sometimes associated with Ops as Juno Opigena.

As Ops Consiva, Ops the Sower, she protected the sowing of crops. She was also called Ops Opifera, the bringer of help.

Ops had an ancient sanctuary in the Regia in the Forum Romanum, and there was a Temple of Ops on the Capitoline Hill.

She was celebrated at the Opalia on December 19, and at the Opiconsivia on August 25.

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This page is linked under the names "Opalia", "Ops", "Ops Consiva", "Ops Opifera", "Opiconsivia" and "Juno Opigena".

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