This section of the site contains short biographies of historical persons somehow related to our collection of photographs and the sights on the photographs.

The most substantial part is the section on the Romans, covering most Roman emperors.

Documents contained within "Historical Persons":

  • Byzantines - Emperors, Generals and other Byzantine personalities
  • Danes - Danish Artists, Architects etc.
  • Egyptians
  • Greeks - Kings, Rulers, Artists etc. from Ancient Greece
  • Italians - Italian Artists, Architects, Noblemen and others
  • Popes - Popes of the Catholic Church
  • Roman Kings - The Mythological Kings of Rome 753-509 BCE
  • Romans - Patricians and Plebeians, Consuls and Generals, Emperors and Empresses
  • Unidentified persons - Images of unidentified persons

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