The Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula) is a small and gracious diving duck and a fairly common view in the city parts. It is a bit shy and rarely comes as close to the shore as the mallard and the mute swan.

The male of the tufted duck is easily recognisable. It is black with white sites, with yellow/orange eyes and a distinctive tuft on back of the head. The female is brownish with a smaller tuft.

The tufted duck breeds in lakes and moorlands, very often in proximity of the black headed gull. Outside the breeding season they are found in lakes and coastal areas.

The tufted duck is a diving duck, and it will normally dive to a depth of 2-3m in search of food. The limit of its diving capabilities are 5-6m.

It feeds on snails, clams and bottom vegetation. Foraging is done almost exclusively by night.

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