The Magpie (Pica pica) is a very common bird, especially in residential areas with houses, gardens and tall trees.

The magpie has a characteristic black and white plumage that makes it easily recognisable. It is mostly black, with a metallic shine to it, with a white chest and white lines on the side above the wings.

It usually lives close to humans, near cultivated fields, gardens, parks etc.

In the breeding season it is seen in pairs or small family groups, but otherwise it lives in large groups.

They build large covered nests in tall trees or bushes. The nests are used for several years, and are built on and enlarged continuously.

The magpie will eat almost anything, including insects, snails, worms, fruit, seeds and eggs and chicks of other birds. This last thing has given the magpie a bad reputation, but its impact on the population of other species is not measurable.

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