The House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is one of the most common birds in Denmark. It lives practically everywhere.

The house sparrow is c. 15cm, a small, robust sparrow, not very conspicuous. The male is grey on the chest and reddish-brown with dark stripes on the back. It has a brown patch on the head and a dark area below the beak. The female is more uniformly coloured, grey on the chest and brown with stripes on the back.

The house sparrow lives almost everywhere near humans. It breeds in and near the houses and forage on the fields and in the gardens. It usually searches for food on the ground where it finds seeds and grains and other human left overs. It also takes little insects and other small animals.

They live in flocks which can reach substantial sizes especially in the autumn and spring.

The nest is placed in cracks and holes in houses, under the roof or in nearby dense shrubs.

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