The temple of Segesta is an unfinished doric temple. It is located just outside the perimeter of the ancient city of Segesta, in the NW of Sicily.

The temple was build by the Elymian people, probably around 430-420 BCE, but it was never completely finished. It is build on a hill top just outside the ancient city of Segesta with a commanding view of the surrounding area.

It is a doric temple, peripteral with 6×14 columns on a base measuring 21×56m and three steps high. The structure of the temple is intact with entablature and tympanums in place, but it was clearly never finished. The columns are unfluted, the tabs used for lifting the blocks are still present on the base, and there are no traces of a cella or a roof.

The temple of Segesta is by construction, style and size a standard product for the late 5th century BCE, but its unifinished state and its remarkable, almost perfect state of conservation makes it one of the most important surviving hellenistic temples in the world.

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