The calidaria are the steam baths of the Villa Romana del Casale. They are located in the thermal baths of the villa. Entrance to the calidaria was from the tepidarium.

The calidaria consist of three separate rooms, each with its own external oven so each room could be heated separately to different temperatures. The floor of the calidaria are raised on small columns, suspensurae, allowing for a free flow of hot air from the praefurnia under the floor. The three rooms each have a small apse with small windows used to regulate the temperature.

The S. room had a semicircular basin with hot water. The N. room had a rectangular basis.

The mosaics in the calidaria have almost all been lost. The only remains are a few fragments in the S. calidarium and some fragments showing boys and ivy leaves in the N. calidarium.

It is not possible to enter the rooms.

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