The thermal baths of the Villa Romana del Casale form the NW. part of the complex. It is located to the N. of the atrium and to the W. of the peristyle, from both of which there were entrances.

The organisation of the thermal baths follow the common scheme for roman baths. Starting from the entrance to the baths, where people could undress, there is the palestra or exercise room, the frigidarium or cold bath with a piscina or pool, the tepidarium or warm bath and at last the calidaria or steam baths. At the very end of the complex are the praefurnia or ovens, that were used to heat the tepidarium and the calidaria.

There is also an entrance to the baths directly from the atrium. This could mean that the baths were available for use by the clientela of the owner at some times.

The normal procedure in the thermal baths would be to undress, and enter the steam bath. After the steam bath one would enter the warm bath, tepidarium, to wash, anoint with oil and scrape off sweat, oil and dirt. Once clean one would enter the cold bath.

The thermal baths of the villa are constructed on top of earlier baths.

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