The Room of the Fishing Cupids is a guest room in the Villa Romana del Casale. It is located to the north of the peristyle, between the Room of the Dance, the Room of the Seasons and the Room of the Little Hunt.

This room is most likely a cubiculum, i.e., a bedroom, intended for the guests of the owner of the villa. The very elaborate mosaics makes it a high status environment. The Room of the Seasons is the antechamber of this room

The mosaic depicts cupids fishing from boats. There are four boats with three cupids each, employing an array of fishing techniques, such as the net, the trident, the fishing rod and the trap. The sea abounds with a variety of seafood and the cupids are getting a good catch. In the background, on the shore, there is a villa with a colonnade facing the sea and behind the villa different trees.

The mosaic is generally well preserved except for some lacunae in the centre.

The lower parts of the walls are still covered with stucco and frescoes. The frescoes are of geometric design in yellow and red, with rectangular panels with what appears to be human figures. Only the lower half of the figures remain.

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