Passage from the peristyle to the elliptical peristyle in the Villa Romana del Casale connects the peristyle with the elliptical peristyle. It is located at the SW. corner of the peristyle and the NW. corner of the elliptical peristyle.

The room was the main passage for the guests of the villa into the elliptical peristyle where banquets and other social events would be held.

The passage is entered from a door on the S. side of the portico of the peristyle. There is a step up a bit inside the passage, and the are just before the step has a mosaic of a huge vase with a foot. Four branches of ivy extends from the vase, displaying numerous leaves.

The main floor of the passage is covered by acanthus scrolls in which are inserted animal heads, sometimes with the animal’s forelegs extending outside the scroll, just as under the portico of the elliptical peristyle. Only a small part of the mosaic has survived.

The room is not accessible to the visitor of the villa.

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