The Guest room with geometric mosaic in the Villa Romana del Casale are located on the N. side of the peristyle, between the Room of the Little Hunt and the Corridor of the Great Hunt. There are two rooms, one behind the other.

The rooms are probably a cubicle with antechamber, but they might also have served a purpose in relation to the smaller private apartment just across the Corridor of the Great Hunt. The simple, and probably cheap, mosaics hint at a low-status purpose.

The mosaic in the antechamber is formed by a number of circles connected by lens-shaped fields made by two arcs. Together they define octagons with slightly concave sides. Along the border of each octagon are guilloches, and inside there are laurel garlands. Withing each garland and within each circle are patterns of stylised four- or six-petalled flowers or crossed squares. The mosaic is held in green, red and black.

The design is slightly asymmetric. Starting from the right there are 3×2 complete octagons, but along the left wall the available space allows only halves.

The back room also has a simple geometric mosaic. The floor is divided in 5×5 squares, with halves along the left wall. Every second square contain a design with a smaller square inserted diagonally. In the corners are four peltae, crescent shapes with two curved recesses in the inner arc, which is the shape of the shields of the Amazons. Inside the squares is a wave pattern with a stylised flower in the centre. The remaining squares are bordered by a guilloche with varying patterns inside. There are circles with four arcs inserted to form a square, there are four-petalled flowers and stylised flowers made of four triangles.

Some parts of this mosaic are missing.

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