The entrance to the Villa Romana del Casale is located in the southwestern corner of the villa, as the road of access to the villa was from the south in the direction of Sofiana. Behind the entrance is the atrium.

The entrance was formed by a long courtyard with walls on both sides, leading up to a monumental three way arch. The wall to the sides have apparently been painted, as some fragments of frescoes remain to the right of the arches. The three arches was flanked by ionic columns and between the arches were two fountains, inside and above there are geometric mosaics with flower motifs.

The whole appearance of the entrance has been rather militaristic. The arches would look like a triumphal arch, i.e., a symbol of military accomplishments that would be immediately understood by the arrivers, and the fragments of painting beside the arch look a lot like military insignia, adding to the symbolism.

The upper parts of the arches have collapsed and the huge block of masonry is lying in front of the remains of the arches now. The arches have most likely been covered with plaster or marble but nothing remains.

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