The Cubicle of Fruit is a cubiculum, bedroom, in the Villa Romana del Casale. It is located behind the Vestibule of Polyphemus.

The room is divided in two parts. The front part is almost square and behind it is a rounded apse, slightly narrower than the front part of the room. There are no traces of semi-columns separating the alcove from the front room, as those found in the Cubicle with Erotic Mosaic, and the mosaics are simpler, indicating an occupant of lower social rank.

The front room has a geometric mosaic dominated by 3×3 twelve pointed stars each formed by three intertwined squares made of guilloches in red, green and yellow. Within each star is a laurel garland, golden leaves on red background or green leaves on black, with an image of fruit, such as grapes, figs, melons and pomegranates inside. Twelve parallelograms around each star fill most of the remaining space, leaving four hexagons (and halves and quarters along the edges of the mosaic) with large red flowers.

The threshold to the alcove was decorated with an elongated motif (like the Cubicle with Erotic Mosaic) but little remain. It appears to have depicted Cupids.

The alcove has a geometric pattern resembling fish scales, each scale with a tulip-like flower.

There are remains of frescoes on the walls. Rectangular fields contain images of cupids.

The mosaic in the front room with the fruit motifs is very well preserved. The band on the threshold to the alcove is almost entirely lost, and only parts of the mosaic in the alcove remain.

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