The Atrium of the Fishing Cupids is an atrium in the Villa Romana del Casale. It is located at the S. end of the Corridor of the Great Hunt, between the Vestibule of Eros and Pan, Hall of Arion and Vestibule of the small circus.

The atrium is semicircular, with a four column portico. It is the first room of the larger private apartment of the villa.

In the centre of the atrium is a small, shallow pool. There are remains of a fountain in the middle of the pool. Above the pool is a brickwork niche on the wall towards the Corridor of the Great Hunt.

Two doors lead from the Corridor of the Great Hunt into the portico, which is supported by four ionic columns.

The mosaic in the portico resembles the mosaic in the Room of the Fishing Cupids. Cupids aboard six boats are fishing in the abundant sea, teeming with life, employing a number of different fishing techniques. In the centre of the composition, in front of the entrance to the Room of Arion, a pair of cupids are swimming in the sea. In the background, along the outer perimeter of the semicircle, the shore is lined with a number of porticoes with pavilions. Behind the porticoes there are various types of trees.

The mosaic is very well preserved with only small lacunae.

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