The passage from the corridor to the elliptical peristyle in the Villa Romana del Casale connects the Corridor of the Great Hunt with the elliptical peristyle.

The passage would be use by the residents of the villa when moving from the private apartments to the elliptical peristyle and the triclinium.

When entering from the Corridor of the Great Hunt the first rectangular field displays ivy branches and leaves.

The central part of the floor has only very few fragments left of the the original mosaic, but it appears to have been a motif of intertwining lines. In a stripe along along the outer wall of the triclinium there is another pavement.

The semicircular step into the elliptical peristyle, flanked by who columns, has a pattern of ivy branches and leaves.

A small apse on the N. side of the passage has a polychrome zig-zag mosaic.

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