The Mute Swan
The Mute Swan is very common and very visible. It is found all the city's parks all year where it also breeds.
The Mallard
The Mallard is one of the most common birds around Copenhagen. They are found everywhere there is water.
The Grey Heron
The Grey Heron is not very common in the city, but they do have certain preferred fishing grounds. Some herons will let you get very close.
Tufted Duck
The Tufted Duck is a diving duck. It is less common than the mallard. The tufted duck is shy and rarely come close to the shore.
The Coot
The Coot is also very common in the city. It is easily recognisable and is found in almost every lake and canal.
Moor hen
The Moor hen is a relative of the coot. It is rather rare, but sometimes a few individuals settle down in town.
The Black Headed Gull and the Herring Gull are some of the most common gulls in Denmark, especially in urban areas.

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