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Statues, Wall Painting and Other Decorative Elements

The mosaics are the major attraction of the villa today, but when it was build, the mosaics were just one of many decorative elements.

Wall-paintings in the Cubicle with Erotic Mosaic
Wall-paintings in the Cubicle with Erotic Mosaic

Marble was used extensively throughout the villa. Many walls were covered with marble veneer, and the floor in the Great Basilica was an elaborate inlay-work in polychrome marble. Many columns and statues were of marble. The marble used came from all major quarries in the empire, and almost all types of marble has been used in the villa.

Columns were used in many places, some for structural purposes, other simply as decorative elements.

Statues were present in many parts of the villa. Some fragments have been found during the excavations, and it seems there have been a statue of Venus in entrance to the baths from the atrium, of a cherub holding a dove in the Peristyle, of Apollo in the Room of Orpheus, and a large statue, maybe of the emperor, in the Great Basilica. Several other room in the villa have niches or pedestals for statues.

Many wall have been covered with wall paintings. There are noticeable remains in the Cubicle with Erotic Mosaic and in the Room of the Fishing Cupids, but traces of frescoes can be found in almost every room, including the peristyle. The wall paintings have been as colourful and plentiful as the mosaics, but there is precious little to see now.

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