Danish butter in the making
Danish butter in the making

There are numerous photographs on this site from Denmark, although little have been written for them. We hope you will enjoy the photographs anyway.

Some noteworthy sites with many photographs are:

The capital of Denmark
The Little Mermaid
The little statue on the harbour, rendered famous my H. C. Andersen's story of the same name.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek
A wolderful collection of both modern and classical art, all financed by the Danes' well known fondness of beer.
Castle of Kronborg
The Castle of Shakespeare's Hamlet, in Helsingør.

Many of the Danish sites represented in our collection of photographs are organised according to the province where they are located.


Documents contained within "Danmark":

This page is linked under the names "Danmark", "Denmark" and "Danimarca".

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