The Domus Publica was the official home of the rex sacrorum, one of the most prestigious religious offices in ancient Rome. It stood between the House of the Vestal Virgins and the Via Sacra, close to the Regia.

Several remains of archaic and republican era houses have been found. An apsidal room with mosaics and a room with paintings and marble floor are from late republican times. They seem to have been parts of the baths of the Domus Publica.

Not much remains but the foundations of several buildings, of different orientations, make it difficult to see what is what.

The Domus Publica passed to the Vestal Virgins when Augustus decided to remain in his private residence on the Palatine Hill, even though he had the office of rex sacrorum. The house was later incorporated into the House of the Vestal Virgins when this building was reconstructed after the Neronian fire of 64 CE.

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This page is linked under the names "Domus Publica", "House of the Rex Sacrorum" and "Domus Pubblica".

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