High Quality Prints

It is now possible to purchase prints of many of the photographs on this site. Depending on the resolution of the pictures, prints up to 22"×17" (or 56×42cm) can be produced. Prints can be made on different types of paper, depending on the print size. Paper types include glossy paper, semi-gloss, matte and coated canvas.

To buy a print of a photograph, click on a text illustration or an image thumbnail go to the page of the photograph, then follow the instructions immediately below the image. The print size must be chosen first, before passing to the print service providers website for the remaining print options. All prices and shipping information will be displayed there before any order can be placed. Payment is by credit card (Visa, Discover, American Express or Master Card).

If the "Buy a print" box does not appear the photograph is not commercially available from this site. This is often the case with photographs taken in museums.

Prints are produced professionally, using state of the art photo and poster printing techniques. Currently print orders are handled by Print On Click (based in Ohio, USA).

Other sources of quality photographs and images

Royalty-free stock photographyPhotos.com is a premier subscription-based royalty-free stock photography resource for web or print. Photos.com has an archive of over 80,000 royalty-free photos and photo objects. Subscriptions are from 1 month to one year, starting at $99.95. The entire collection is available in three sizes, 800x600, 1200x900 and 2400x1800.

For winning presentations get visuals from CorbisCorbis is a leading provider of premium quality digital media, including photography and fine art, from more than 3,000 creative sources. With 2.1 million images on-line, Corbis offers a wide range of choice to advertising and design professionals, corporations and consumers worldwide. The Corbis BizPresenter Web site offers thousands of high quality photos, illustrations, templates, and other visuals for PowerPoint(r) presentations, Web site use, and small print runs. An ideal fit for the needs of small or mid-size businesses. The Personal Use Web site provides consumers access to images for screensavers, craft projects, school reports and more.

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