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1992-08-17 00:00:00
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  • Arch of Augustus (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Arch of Augustus (Arcus Augusti) was dedicated to Augustus in 29 BCE to celebrate his victory over Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra at Actium in 31 BCE. The arch is spanning the road between the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the Temple of Caesar, near the Temple of Vesta … [Read more]

  • Basilica Aemilia (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Basilica Aemilia, or the Basilica Fulvia-Aemilia, is largest—and the only surviving—of the basilicas of the Roman Republic. It is located on the NE side of the main square of the Forum Romanum, between the Curia Julia and the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina … [Read more]

  • Regia (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Regia was originally the residence of the kings of Rome, and later the office of the pontifex maximus, the high priest of Roman religion. It occupied an area between the Temple of Vesta, the Temple of Divus Julius and Temple of Antoninus and Faustina in the Forum Romanum. According to ancient tradition it was build by the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius … [Read more]

  • Temple of Antoninus and Faustina (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)
  • Temple of Caesar (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Temple of Caesar (Aedes Divus Iulius or Templum Divi Iuli) was built by Augustus after the senate deified Julius Caesar after his death. The temple was dedicated August 18th, 29 BCE. It stands on the E. side of the main square of the Forum Romanum, between the Regia, Temple of Castor and Pollux and the the Basilica Aemilia … [Read more]

  • Temple of Vesta (Forum Romanum, Rome, Italy)

    The Temple of Vesta (Aedes Vesta) was one of the most ancient Roman sanctuaries in the forum. It was dedicated to Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. The much restored remains of the temple stands between the Temple of Castor and Pollux, the Temple of Caesar, the Regia and the House of the Vestal Virgins … [Read more]

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